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a letter of welcome

Redemption Fellowship is an Apostolic Network of ministers, churches, and ministries that was born out of the 17,000 member Redemption originally located Greenville, South Carolina (now San Jose, CA). Pastor Ron Carpenter founded Redemption Fellowship with a vision to provide a spiritual covering for ministers and ministries which can develop, equip, resource, and empower men and women of God who operate in five-fold ministries, and many other leadership roles.

Pastor’s heart is for ministers and their families to be all God created them to be, so that they can do all that God called them to do, fulfilling their destiny! Pastor’s goal for RF is that it be a relational fellowship which provides opportunities for personal and leadership development through impartation, resourcing, mentoring, accountability, and restoration.

We look forward to making great impact in the Kingdom along side you and your ministry!

fellowship staff members

Ron and Hope Carpenter

pastors ron and hope carpenter


Founders and Senior Pastors of Redemption in San Jose, CA.

Recognized as a leader of leaders, Ron has advised, consulted, and mentored CEOs, Pastors, and political leaders around the world for two decades. As a Senior Pastor and also a successful entrepreneur with multiple business ventures, Ron’s relentless passion for developing potential in others permeates every aspect of his ministry.

Ron founded Redemption in 1991 with three members and a passion for breaking down the walls of racism, crossing cultural lines, and changing poverty mindsets in their community as well as around the world. The ministry has become a model for successful community impact, and creating strategic partnerships with corporate, governmental, and non-profit organizations to develop innovative ways to improve quality of life.

It is the vision and goal of Ron Carpenter Ministries to advance Kingdom teaching and principles in a global effort to reach the unsaved, restore the lost, and infiltrate local communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology is ever changing and growing and has allowed the impactful opportunity to share the gift God has placed on Ron Carpenter; a unique message and people.

In an effort to keep a forward momentum in Kingdom teaching, Ron Carpenter Ministries seeks to use media outlets to share this gift while providing the opportunity for viewers to become active partners and members. Ron Carpenter has been gifted with the ability to create an atmosphere where people of all walks of life, race, and denomination can touch heaven with a multi-cultural sound that is Kingdom.

Greg Smith

pastor greg smith


Pastor Greg Smith serves as CFO/COO and Director of Risk Management for Redemption Church, Redemption Fellowship and Ron Carpenter Ministries. He has traveled throughout the world ministering in churches, conferences and crusades preaching the Gospel and empowering God’s servants to become all that God has called them to be and to be a tool to fulfill their divine destiny. Pastor Greg and his wife Pam have been involved with Redemption for over twenty years. Pastor Greg’s ministry education includes an A.A. and B.A. from Trinity Bible College, Fruitland Bible Institute and Redemption School of Ministry.

Pastor Duaine Johnson


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For well over a decade, Pastor Duaine has been honored to travel the world revealing, imparting, empowering, and equipping people, leaders, and ministries to fulfill their kingdom mandate. His unrelenting passion is to develop leaders and maximize the purpose and potential of others. Recognized by many as an apostolic leader in this generation, Duaine is a strategic thinker, innovator, and spiritual architect with vast leadership development experience, who consults, influences, and serves some of the world’s most influential ministries.

As the founder of Dominion.u, Pastor Duaine is pioneering a unique expression for digital discipleship, mentorship, training, and leadership development aimed at equipping individuals, empowering leaders, and enabling teams to discover their potential, maximize their power, upgrade their influence, and demonstrate dominion in their respective markets. He and his amazing Wife, Pastor Tosha, have been married for 12 years, and are active church planters who are entrepreneurial by nature. They have always been wholly devoted to manifesting the glory of God.

As Director of Redemption Fellowship, Pastor Duaine is honored to help serve and empower you and your teams to maximize your heavenly assignment. He is driven and fully committed to seeing you and your ministries advance the Kingdom of God in both global and generational ways.

Tosha Johnson

RF Administrator

[email protected]

Pastor Tosha is a revivalist at heart, and has a passion to advance the Kingdom. Her desire is to ignite faith and launch people into living a life of purpose. She has had the honor of serving alongside some of the world’s most influential ministries developing teams and creative processes. Her greatest joy is serving alongside her husband, Pastor Duaine Johnson pioneering unique expressions for discipleship, mentorship, training, and leadership development aimed at empowering people of all generations to discover potential, develop gifts, express destiny, and transform cultures.